Plan your
Instagram profile

Share your own story with My Feed. Plan, schedule, customize, visualize, create, and post. We know how to grow your audience and want to reveal our secrets to you.


Things we are proud of

  • users

    2M+ active users

    More than 3M Instagram lovers use our app every day to create an aesthetically pleasing profile.

  • posts

    7M+ created posts

    People stay fuss-free by creating posts and visually placing them in their accounts in advance.

  • insta

    500K+ publish posts

    Users create the Instagram profile of their dreams, and then always plan their posts so they don't forget to publish them later.

What others say

  • Love it!


    This has definitely help me built a beautiful ig account. Its so easy to use, and sooo helpful. Being able to see what you plan to post before you actually post it makes the works so much easier

  • Love App


    Definitely recommend- it’s the perfect free app to organize your posts and see how they would look before posting! It also shows your reels!

  • Does what I need!

    Nazariy Aimson

    Love the app. Works very smoothly. It brought my social media experience on the next level. Thanks

  • Amazing and sooo helpful


    This app literally helps me organize and set my IG to how I want it to look! I’m glad I came across this app🥰

  • Deserves all 5 stars

    Opel Aero Guy

    Great for planning posts, and also cropping pictures to fit your post. I post about automotive history and spend about 1 hour each week putting 6/7 posts together and schedule it so one will be posted each day at the same time. It’s a great app

  • Amazing


    Love this app soo much. Saves the time of posting a photo then deciding if I like it or if it goes with the rest of my page. Love that it allows you to move photos around and really looks like the instagram app. 10/10


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